Today we’ll be talking about the new signature series speakers offered from Episode.

The new “Signature” series from Episode boasts not only a stunning new look, but a clear, clean, and sharp sound. They come in 4”, 6”, and 8” versions for in-ceiling, and 6” and 8” options for in wall set ups. Though they’re roughly the same size as their predecessor, their new housing is much cleaner to work with and offers better insulation and sound control to keep sound from bleeding through the back of the speaker.

Episode engineering has also redesigned the way the tweeter sits inside the cone. In the older series, the tweeter would sit in a bracket that could dampen sound, but this new model has built somewhat of a pedestal that the tweeter rests on in the center of the cone. With the “Precision Tweeter”, it has the same full range of motion the older ones had, but it is much more durable in this position and much more flexible. With a ±15 degree tilt and a ±180 degree twist, it’ll be able to send those highs where ever you need them. Additionally, the tweeter rests in a broader cone, improving the acoustics of the highs, while the overall structure boosts the performance of the mids and lows.

The new woofer is much more durable with a ribbed surround that allows controlled oscillation without dampening sound. Moreover, the slightly brushed titanium surface of the cone gives the speaker and very minimalist look, reminiscent of sleek new technology we see in our pockets and in our laptop bags, while boosting clarity of mid and low mid ranges.

And keeping in line with the new minimalist look is a super sleek, thin bezel. This is one thin bezel. Measuring only a 1/8” thick, this bezel will barely be noticed. It has a lightly magnetized rim to fit closely with to the speaker and is extremely easy to remove or install.

Finally of course, it keeps the things we love about the old ones, like the twist screws for easy and quick installation ‘tension dogs’ for quick locking, tight grip in just a quarter turn and of course a lifetime warranty. Some other features we think you’ll love:

  • Injection-molded polypropylene cones
  • Ribbed surround and silk dome tweeters
  • Unique, beautiful design
  • Polypropylene woofers with vacuum-deposited titanium
  • Tweeter adjustment switch with T+1.5dB/0/-1.5dB

We at Carters Audio Video are very excited to announce this new product and we are very ready to get it installed in your homes. Give us a shout at 479-646-5901.