Top 5 Hard Evidences on the Effectiveness of Security Surveillance Cameras


1. Do Security Cameras Deter Criminals/Thieves — View It from University of North Carolina

The UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice found that 60% convicted burglars would look for security cameras before moving forward, and 40% of burglars said that the presence of security cameras would motive them to seek another easier target.

2. Do Security Cameras Prevent Home Burglary — Check It from ESA

Are security cameras effective in preventing or reducing crime? Based on a study conducted by Electronic Security Association, about 83% of burglars would first determine whether a home has security cameras before they broke into the house. And 60% of thieves would typically avoid homes with security cameras.

3. Do Outside Home Security Camera Systems Prevent/Reduce Crime — Hear It from RSCJ & Urban Institute

Does home video surveillance deter crime? The studies, conducted by Rutgers School of Criminal Justice and Urban Institute drew a conclusion that the presence of visible security camera deter theft dramatically and decreases the likelihood of domestic crime, or home invasion.

4. Do Home Surveillance Cameras Work in Catching Burglars — Get It from The London Metro Police

According to a representative of the London Metro Police, the police were able to identify about 5,000 suspects thanks to security camera videos. Security cameras do play an extremely important role in catching burglars.

5. Do Security Cameras Reduce Crime in Schools — Know It from The Daily Telegraph

According to a piece of news reported by The Daily Telegraph, security cameras installed in schools have had an unexpected benefit on on slashing bullying and playground violence. Surveillance cameras also dramatically cut the number of criminal acts, break-ins and vandalism in schools.

Doonside Technology High School in Sydney, Australia has reported a 70% drop in bullying since the school has been protected by security cameras.

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