In the last 6 months, the Behringer X32 digital mixer has been the most popular-selling mixer at our company. For churches and other venues looking for live sound equipment, the X32 has so many great features at a great price. With a MAP price of $2799, it is has an abundance of features available so that you could get rid of some of your older equipment and see it combined all into one great package. It has all of the basic features you would expect from a digital mixer such as motorized faders, built-in effects, and saved “scenes”, but there are also other great options such as ipad control, recording. and in-ear monitor capabilities that make it an even greater savings.

SMART CONTROL: With the Ipad/Iphone control system you can run the mixer from the congregation, from the stage, from anywhere. Move around the room to check your levels or just control the sound from the stage during a practice or service, anything is possible.  “Native Ethernet control enables remote operation by computer, iPad or iPhone over a wired or wireless network, across the room – or across the planet!” – Behringer’s website 

RECORDING: A great plus, the X32 has the ability to record on every channel FOR LATER MIXDOWN. You can also output to a USB card for later editing or transferring to another computer software program for mastering or adding to a CD. Record and play back up to 32 tracks, which run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems or Mac computers via USB 2.0 connectivity. X32 supports 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates at 24-Bit, allowing you to record up to 32 tracks of live audio directly to your computer for mixing down later. ” – Behringers Website

IN-EAR MONITORING: (Compare the complete Aviom In-Ear monitoring system at $5399 for a 6-person setup.) There are two ways that the X32 can offer in-ear monitoring. With the first, a band can utilize ipads and iphones to connect to their monitor channels on the mixer and make adjustments themselves. With added headphone amplifiers and headphones, this system can be utilized as an in-ear monitoring setup. Behringer also offers Personal monitor boxes that can control the monitoring system with headphones as well. This second option requires the purchase of a PM for each band member and a set of headphones. At $249.99 each, Behringer’s Personal monitor boxes are the best deal on the market right now for personal monitors.


If you are considering a Behringer X32 for your live sound solution, contact Carters AV for the best price, setup, and training.  Call us for a free consultation. Visit Behringer’s website for more information.