“LED Video Wall” is a generic term for a large size video display device made up of Light Emitting Diodes (LED.) Also called just Video Walls, they are usually made up of modules that seamlessly connect to each other, and together work as one large display.

Some of the advantages to choosing Carters Digital LED display panels include…

– The brightness – they are not effected by the amount of sunlight or ambient light that may be in your space or even outdoors like projectors are. They display great, bright  images.
– Flexibility – Because they come in smaller panels, they can be put together in almost any configuration or size
– Weatherproof – They come in an outdoor model to use for signage or outdoor video.
– 1080p image capability – Several different resolutions are offered giving you flexible pricing and options for your application.
– Great Service after the sale – Our panels are made so that if any of the LEDs were to go out, they can be easily changed out and replaced.

Large display devices like this have been around for 30 or more years, although at their introduction they cost millions of dollars and were found only at large sports parks and outdoor events that could afford their high price tag. All of this has changed and LED walls have become remarkably affordable for even mid-size church organizations. In some cases, where large format, bright projection is being considered, LED walls are an option that makes financial sense.

There are other types of video walls, including the type made up of a mosaic of screens connected together to form one large screen. While these can grow to be extremely high resolution, their drawback is that there is a border frame around each module. Some of the more expensive units have very narrow borders, but are still visible. With LED walls, we do not have border frames, as the LEDs extend all the way to the edge of each unit. The edges are machined accurately, so when joining to the next piece, there is no gap visible to the audience, resulting in one large seamless video experience.

LED video display panels are the future of video, they will eventually replace projectors and screens. With Carters you have the added benefit of our many years of experience in working with image display and video. We are the video company offering our LED digital display panels to those looking for a high-quality, lower cost product for indoor or outdoor video. Click Here to request more information.